DIGITALZONE, 1 since its establishment in 1999, was the first in the world to design and develop a stand-alone type Stream Generator, creating a niche market called Digital TV Demonstration market and in 2012, it acquired an electronic certification issuance solution business with the number one market status in the domestic university market, laying a solid foundation for prolonged stable growth.

Currently, through Stream Generator and electronic certification issuance solution and others, DIGITALZONE exports to over 200 local companies in over 60 countries around the world, contributing to the national economy

Company Name DIGITALZONE Co., Ltd. CEO Simon Shim, Jung-Woo Jeon
Established date 11st February, 1999 Capital USD 1.9M
Employee 66 employee TEL +82-2-6330-2330
Homepage FAX +82-2-6330-2345
Main Video operation
Stream Generator, HDMI Splitter etc.
Wire/wireless route, Video conference system, Media duplicator(DVD/HDD) etc.
Electronic Document
certification issue business (University, hospitals etc), Electronic documents distribution, security solution etc
Place Head Office
(Guro-dong, E&C VENTURE DREAM TOWER2,), #1001, 55, Digital-ro33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea, 08376
Digital Valley
Guro Digital Valley : (Guro-dong, Ace Techno Tower1), #105, 38-9, Digital-ro31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea, 08376
Mapo branch
(SangAm-dong, DMC high-tech industrial center) #521, 330 SangAm-ro, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 03920
Sangam branch
(Sangam-dong, KGIT center) #2002, #2003, 402, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Introduction R&D

We, DigitalZone, will constantly challenge with a pride to the best technology.
Digitalzone has the best technology in video demonstration devices, security solution and electric document forgery prevention industry.
We will devote ourselves to research and development with enthusiasm.

Full HD Stream Generator Development

Ultra High Definition (UHD: 4K / 8K) Stream Generator Development

FHD/UHD HDMI Splitter Development

MHP (Multi HD Player) development

Certifications · Patents

Division Date Title of Invention Status
Patent 25/09/2017 User comparison demonstration interface providing system for AV system in exhibition. Application
Patent 12/05/2015 Ways to synchronize sequence videos for multi-vision and the system Application
Patent 01/04/2015 UI display system and ways of IR remote controller capable sliding. Application
Patent 01/04/2015 IR remote control system and ways to display UI Application
Patent 09/01/2014 Multi-vision system and the method of synchronizing frames between video play devices Registration
Patent 21/09/2012 Multi vision system and stereoscopic video playing method covering multiple stereoscopic video player Registration
Patent 19/04/2012 Multi-vision system and the method of synchronizing frames between video play devices Registration
Patent 09/03/2012 Video play device and playing method of detecting 3D video data format Registration
Patent 23/06/2011 The display system and the method of displaying synchronized video Registration
Patent 24/05/2011 Ways of verifying forgery of image file and of creating image file against forgery Registration
Patent 07/12/2010 Display system and the method of receiving data building a network Registration
Patent 20/09/2010 Display system and the method of controlling display system Registration
Patent 26/05/2009 Multimedia play device Registration
Patent 26/05/2009 Multimedia signal output method Registration
Patent 21/07/2008 Device equipped with master and slaves based on I2C bus protocol Registration
Patent 09/11/2007 Performance video capture card and Method of capturing multi-channel video Registration

Contact Us

(Guro-dong, E&C VENTURE DREAM TOWER2,), #1001, 55, Digital-ro33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL. +82-2-6330-2330 / FAX. +822-6330-2345 /