UHD HDMI Splitter S5

S5 is Ultra High Definition signal splitter and can be connected with various display devices.
It’s possible to connect up to 2 input sources so that you can change source player with ease.
UHD HDMI splitter is an ideal solution for retail vendors who need to display clear-cut quality pictures to display devices.
2 x HDMI inputs / 8 x HDMI outputs(HVS-5208), 4 x HDMI outputs(HVS-5204) / 4K2K@60Hz (YCbCr 4:2:0) / HDCP & HDMI compliant
fast input port switching / Supporting FW upgrade by USB / EDID emulation mode support / 12bit deep color

Available to distribute FHD/UHD videos without any degradation

S5 UHD splitter is capable of distributing a signal to multiple displays for TV stores, exhibitions and digital advertisement.

Increase connection numbers with Daisy chain

You can increase distribution numbers to connect more splitters.
- When connecting T7 HVP-7004N(4 HDMI outputs), possible to connect 32sets of TV in Max.
- When connecting T7 HVP-7008HA(8 HDMI outputs), possible to connect 64sets of TV in Max.


- Supporting FW upgrade by USB.
- HDCP & HDMI compliant

Specifications for S/W

Input 2EA (Model: HVS-5204 / HVS-5208)
4EA (Model: HVS-5412 / HVS-5416)
Output 4EA (Model: HVS-5204), 8EA (Model: HVS-5208)
12EA (Model: HVS-5412), 16EA (Model: HVS-5416)
Power +12V / 3A DC Jack
User Interface Buttons Touch sensors
POWER : Power ON / OFF
F : EDID Emulation Mode Select
1 ~ 4 : HDMI input selection or mode
LED POWER : On / Off
SYNC : Indication of valid input signal
HDCP : HDCP being used
FE : Function selection status
Input : Input Select status
Remote Controller Including IR Extension cable
RS232 Remote PC/ Device
Fast Switching Yes EDID Emulation Mode Support
Firmware Upgrade Yes USB memory stick(FAT32)
HDMI Version 1.4 Deep Color
Higher refresh rate (~120hz)
Colorimetry RGB / YCbCr / xvYCC
EDID Emulation EDID Emulation Mode Support
CEC Pass-through, All inputs <-> Output #1

Supports mandatory 3D format in the HDMI 1.4 specification. Other HDMI 1.4 features are not implemented.
This specification may change for system enhancement without prior notice.

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